Team Work Makes the Dream Work: Collaborative Art, Sweatshirt Design, and Planning Ahead

A regular day for the senior scholars means multi-tasking and planning ahead for success. This Saturday they reviewed their calendars and deadlines for their upcoming senior exhibition. Breaking up into their collaborative groups, they reviewed each others project proposals and strategized on how they could best exe

cute their ideas together while capstone co-facilitators Nadia Williams and Anthony Bryant listened in. Mentors supported groups as they thought through material options, problem solved, and clarifying their vision.

As the day progressed, Youth Advocates gathered the seniors to review the final top three sweatshirt designs chosen by the class. Students discussed the pros and cons of each design and their reasoning behind their selection. Using this feedback, they improved the design, finalized their decisions, and reviewed silk-screening companies that fit within their budget and timeline.  Afterward, they reviewed the Award Letters they had received from the colleges they were accepted to and compared costs. They discussed financial terms, how to budget for college and reviewed the process of accepting an award. They were then able to easily compare their award letters using an online college board tool that Nadia shared called Compare Your Aid Award Calculator.


March 16, 2019