Alumni Artist Project Award!

The Parsons Scholars Program is proud to launch the first yearly Alumni Artist Project Award!


The Alumni Artist Project Award is an opportunity for Parsons Scholars Alumni to receive funding of up to $1500 to support new or ongoing projects that expand their practices as artists and designers in ways they wouldn’t otherwise be able to due to lack of access and/or inconsistent resources. This can include, but is not limited to, funding for supplies, space rental, transportation costs, artist fee/personal compensation, printing and distribution costs, personnel costs, equipment, travel, and technology.

Building on the legacy of artists and designers of color, the Alumni Artist Project Award seeks to expand access to funding to artists and designers that have been historically excluded from institutional support.

Awardees will need to submit a brief report in December 2019 on the progress or completion of their projects. The award supports projects completed before or by December 2019, as well as ongoing projects beyond the report submission date. Awardees will be asked to briefly present on their projects at Reunion 2019, which will take place December 14, 2019. Full details of what the report needs to include will be given to awardees at a later time.

All applicants are automatically eligible for future professional development opportunities made available by The Parsons Scholars Program. Applicants whose submissions do not get selected are eligible to receive notes from the selection committee regarding their applications as feedback for future submissions and opportunities.

Questions? email:

Application Opens: May 11, 2019
Application Deadline: June 2, 2019, Midnight
Notifications will go out the week of June 10th

The award is only open to people who are:

  1. Alumni of the Parsons Scholars Program who graduated from the program before June, 2019.
  2. Artists and designers whose creative practice would benefit from financial support.

1. Please preview the application questions here before you submit in order to prepare your answers thoroughly. 

Preview the application questions here:
Preview an example of a Project Timeline here:
Preview an example of a Project Budget here:

2. Make sure you complete the entire application, only complete submissions will be reviewed.
3. All applications due by June 2nd at midnight.