Self Love & The Rubin Museum: February 24, 2018

The Sophomores

The Sophomores started their afternoon with a presentation on time management and wellness. Advocates Nick and Kevin worked together to survey the class on their time management and offer tips to help them manage their time. During the presentation, Scholar: Daniel also offered personal tips that helps him with time management, like “prioritizing important homework and decide what to do next”. The Advocates and Sophomores shared a lot more ways to time management such as the Forest app, to do lists and routines.

The Advocates also talked about personal wellness. When Kevin posed the question “How do you integrate wellness into our lives?”, Scholar: Zaniah stated, “Self love and telling yourself you’re ok”, and received a great applause from the class. To follow that, the Sophomores started their artist biographies for their Learning Portfolios.

The Juniors 

The Junior Scholars took an afternoon trip to The Rubin Museum of Art for the first time, to experience it’s exhibitions. “The Rubin presents art that traverses Asia’s diverse cultures, regions, and narratives. The Museum’s special exhibitions celebrate art forms that range from ancient to contemporary, including photography and multimedia, while its permanent collection galleries are focused primarily on art from the Himalayan region.”

The Scholars participated in artist Candy Chang and writer James A. Reeves’s participatory piece A MONUMENT FOR THE ANXIOUS AND HOPEFUL, where visitors engage with their community by sharing their anxieties or hopes on a card, inspired by Tibetan prayer flags and anonymity of public spaces. They later spent time exploring the museum and visiting such exhibitions like Chitra Ganesh: The Scorpion Getsure, and Masterworks of Himalayan Art.