I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for… Learning Portfolios and Ice Cream

As the senior cohorts Capstone exhibition date approaches, Nadia Williams and Anthony Bryant used the first hour of class to visit the Social Justice Hub on the 5th floor of The New School’s UC building, to discuss how they could transform the area into an exhibition space. As a group they discussed ways to utilize space, placement of group artwork, and the equipment they’ll need to complete the installation. The film group suggested using classroom 513, located within the Social Justice Hub, as a walk-in theater for their project. The mixed-media group selected a corner space where their work could be protected, and the photo group chose to exhibit on the longest wall available.

Afterward, seniors used the time to complete group projects. The film group went outdoors with PSP Mentor Allison, and interviewed each other on their personal experience of being an artist of color. The photography group focused on editing and preparing files for print. The mixed-media group continued to complete their projects, securing objects, and finalizing how they might showcase objects. Additionally, scholars worked on their Learning Portfolio Presentations for graduation and selected a company to create their senior t-shirts.

For the last hour, Advocates took the seniors on a mini trip to Van Leeuwen for celebratory vegan ice cream! Seniors took a well-deserved break under the sun, de-stressed with ice cream, and shared the college admission results they received thus far.


March 30, 2019