Building A Resume

This morning, sophomore scholars began collecting information on their work or volunteer experience, skills, and extracurricular activities to develop resumes. During the afternoon they visited the computer lab to reviewed different resume formats and get familiar with tools they could use on Adobe Photoshop to stylize there resume format. The workshop began with scholars defining the purpose of a resume and ways it can be used. They also reviewing the kind of information a resume should include and how to create a resume that highlights your capabilities even if you haven’t previously had a job.

Youth Advocate Darielle, reminded scholars, ”just because you haven’t had a job yet doesn’t mean you have nothing to put on a resume or that you don’t have anything to offer. List your skills, interest, or experiences.”  

The advocates encouraged scholars to list everything they have ever experienced out on a word doc, and to brainstorm how each experience could potentially have a place on their resume. Afterward they took a break from resumes and started to think about how to present their works during Open Studios day for Parent Presentations. As a group, they discussed the power of facilitation and what they would want to teach others about their artwork or what they learned. In this intimate setting they were able to share their fears related to the presentation and tips for how they could make it easier for themselves.


March 30, 2019