Curating 101: Installing the 2019 Capstone Exhibition

Today the seniors continued to put finishing touches on their work; stitching loose ends, sewing voodoo dolls, and combining video footage till their hard work finally paid off! Their capstone projects were complete, and it was finally time to hang the exhibition in the Social Justice Hub at The New School. 

But how do you hang an exhibition?!

The seniors worked together with Nadia Williams and Anthony Bryant to curate a space that was unified by the identity and diversity of everyone in their exhibition. They made collaborative decisions on how to mount photos, considered how an audience should experience the audio in their films, and decided how they would arrange mixed media projects. They selected the proper tools to hang their work; a hammer, nails, hooks, glue dots, tables, or display risers. Depending on the artwork and space you’re installing your work in, art handlers always need to consider which materials should be used for specific works of art and surfaces. The scholars, mentors, and staff worked together to create lists of materials they needed to complete the installation as well as hang the wall text and vinyl of their exhibition title  Arte Escondido: Hidden Art

After lunch, they were visited by Yocasta Lachapelle, the Director of Talent at COLLINS. COLLINS is a strategy and brand experience design company located in NYC. Yocasta shared work COLLINS has completed and discussed the application process for a paid internship at Collins offered to high school graduates. The internship included learning skills in Adobe Suite, entrepreneurship, and design business strategies. The internship also provides young designers with a recommendation letter so they can expand on other design opportunities and jump start their professional careers. The seniors were eager to apply and scheduled a second visit to see the COLLINS studio. Afterwards, they continued to wrap up their learning portfolio presentations and practiced reciting their speeches for the class.

April 27, 2019