Arte Escondido: Hidden Art Exhibition!

This year’s Capstone Exhibition was titled Arte Escondido: Hidden Art and was displayed at The New School’s, Social Justice Hub! The exhibition featured independent and collaborative projects by senior scholars that concentrated on deeply personal themes of identity. The exhibition included a range of mediums such as photography, film, garments, mixed-media, sculpture, printmaking, and painting. Some of the projects on view included a collaborative film titled Nuestro Viewpoint: Our Viewpoint that follows five scholars through their experience living in NYC, a shirt embroidered with the word confidence, showcased alongside two casted hands holding a clay pot sculpture; inspired by nature and family. In the center of the mixed media works a giant cushioned mouse trap with a photo I.D. Green card and American flag painted on it. Projects highlighted their vision of equity and justice on topics such as gun violence, immigration, and more.

The exhibition reception held on Saturday, May 4th was attended by a large network of PSP allies. Exhibiting artists shared how they collaborated on projects, chose themes, and conceptualized their ideas into works of art.


Exhibiting Artists

Cesar Rodriguez | Daniel Vargas | Emily Xie | Jaheim Khan Jahlasia Whitaker | Jasmine Moya | Jenny Gomez| Josselyn Vasquez | Kayla James | Kiana Tolentino

Mariam Traore | Marianne Espinal | Michelle He| Priscilla Villacres | Quanissia Gabriel | Shennelle Bingham | Sherleen Montan | Tacko Gumaneh


May 4, 2019