Capstone & Life After High School: Senior Exhibitions in Progress

The senior cohort is preparing for their Capstone Exhibition happening May 4, 2019 at the Parsons School of Design, Social Justice Hub. They will be showcasing their own individual projects as well as group projects they have developed collaboratively using art & design to address topics that are important to them. As a group they are setting deadlines, creating proposals, looking into production costs and working together to execute projects that showcase their collective values.

This month they met Ari Melenciano, a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist, designer, creative technologist, researcher, educator and activist. Ari’s work explores the relationships between various forms of design and human experience. After Ari presented her work to the scholars, they shared their senior Capstone projects. Scholars shared the meaning behind their projects, the medium, process, and ways they would like to expand their work beyond the classroom. In open-dialogue Ari engaged seniors in discussion around fundraising for projects, self-promotion, and developing presentation skills.

Afternoon activities with their advocates have included learning about scholarship award procedures, discussing college financial terms, bullet journaling future goals, and refining senior sweatshirt designs. As seniors continue to receive acceptance letters and scholarship awards from colleges they are tasked with deciding which schools are the best fit for them both educationally and financially.