BUFU (BY US FOR US) Joins PSP For Capstone Reviews

This Saturday the senior cohort has a special visit by three of BUFU’s co-founders: Tsige Tafesse, Katherine Tom, and Jazmin Jones. Comprised of creative curators and artists, BUFU, is self-described as a project-based collective interested in solidarity amongst us, co-creating with you experimental models of organizing and making, and generating prestige and mining time as a resource.

The collective graciously visited our program to share how they developed their own work collectively and to listen to what the seniors created for their capstone projects. Each senior group presented their values to the BUFU co-founders and described how they integrated these shared values into combined projects. The film group shared how their project introduced viewers to their own unique lived experiences from different boroughs and what makes those boroughs special to them. Each member of the mixed media group commented on important themes that exist within their own identity such as immigration, beauty, femininity, catcalling, and police brutality. Using different panel sizes, the multimedia group selected a constrained color palette as a way to unify their aesthetic and show a connection amongst their work. The photography group showcased images based around the word ‘Outcast’ which incorporated themes such as Voodoo, Colored Hair, Beauty, confidence and self-acceptance.

After each presentation, BUFU co-founders offered feedback on opportunities seniors could explore and ways they could expand their efforts. Taking in the advice members of BUFU provided, the scholars broke into their collectives, reflected, and discussed ways their project could expand beyond their capstone class.

April 13, 2019