Together in This Time

Dear Community, 

So much has changed in such a short amount of time! As we adjust to our new reality of physical distancing, remote learning and working from home, we are reminded that despite the uncertainty of the future, we are a community at our core. 

For so many of us, community means togetherness. It’s relational, face-to-face, and often experienced while sharing a meal, riding the train together, or even sitting near each other; in class, at the office, in the studio, etc. We build our lives around the routines that carry the hours of the day, most of them involving our friends, family, coworkers and even strangers. Maybe like me, you’re counting all the ways you took this for granted and you’re finding comfort in a text, a call and a meme. The Parsons Scholars Program is all about its vibrant community of students, artists, advocates, educators, parents, mentors, aunties and chosen family, and we’re in this together!

Our program, and our community, is proof that in times of uncertainty and need, we are there for each other. Our community extends beyond borders and Saturday programming. We are experts at taking care of each other. We are skilled survivors- creative, resilient, and resourceful. We have cared for each other and supported one another through many obstacles, and now we must remember that we each play an important role in our communities- in our homes, in our schools and in our city. We are once again reminded of how important it is to have each other’s backs, to check-in and find something to laugh about together and to remind one another that even in times of distancing, we are not alone. 


We’re artists! 

Art brings us together. It can heal, create change and inspire new ways of seeing the world. We are uniquely skilled to nurture a sense of community, belonging and hope for one another. We can create the spaces we need for ourselves and for our communities to be heard- whether they’re physical or digital spaces.  Art allows for us to find the humor, the comfort, the strength and the peace we can’t find elsewhere. It’s a refuge, a sanctuary and a space where radical imagination can thrive. 


We will continue to find ways to connect, to share and to grow. We’ll keep making art and nurture our creative voices. We’ll advocate for each other and find new ways of being in community. Check out some of the resources we’ve pulled together below!

In solidarity, 

Francisco Donoso and the PSP Team 

*image credit: Dirm Luawo 




Racial Equity Tools

  • COVID-19 – Racial Equity & Social Justice Resources here


Resources for Immigrants and Undocumented Communities


Cloud 9 Mutual Aid Resources here

  • Started by a group of QTPOC folks in the BUFU community
  • Includes: Direct Action, Housing, Food, Financial Assistance, Community, Spirituality, Wellness, Learning


CCCADI Cultural Response and Community Resources here

  • Includes: Online and Virtual Exhibits, Educational Guides, Artist Resources and Community Resources


Irresistible: Healing Justice Podcast and resource website here








Mental Health Resources: