The Museum of the Moving Image

On March 3rd, the Sophomore Scholars went on a trip to visit The Museum of the Moving Image in Queens. They really enjoyed the museum, as noted in their reflections below.

Stephanie Li:
            The Museum of the Moving Image was amazing. I enjoyed most of their animation work but only one caught my attention. The animation that got my interest was the oscilloscope. It spun and spun and spun. It went from the liquid-like thing, came out from the drain, then turned into a blimp, then broke down through fingers, then though and envelope and finally the envelope folded and fell into the trash. At first I asked myself whether it was real or fake but it turns out they were objects spinning. I just left the room amazed and ecstatic.

Shalisia Johnson:

            The trip to The Museum of the Moving Image was awesome! I don’t usually draw directly from my imagination because my ideas don’t come out accurately on paper. However, the trip today inspired me loads. It opened up a whole new door of creativity for me. I think now I am ready to find my personal art style and let all my ideas out. I know it will make my art more interesting and as creative as the wonderful art I was able to view today. I’m very thankful for this trip and had an unforgettable experience!

Dyreek Brathwaite:

            My day at the Museum of the Moving Image was great. I thought it would be boring but I enjoyed it a lot. I saw the evolution of the camera and the microphone. I also saw the first fame ever made being played. There was also the evolution of the gaming consoles. I leaned that video games are considered art now.