Juniors at El Museo: Saturday November 4, 2017

Junior Scholars

Today, the junior scholars had the opportunity to visit El Museo del Barrio. El Museo del Barrio is located Harlem and was made for the community to visit. Most scholars never been to this museum and were very glad they were able to take a look. Sophia and Francisco spoke to them about some of the artists that had their work put in this museum. The scholars were told to view the work and choose at least 3 favorites. They had to sketch the 3 favorite choices and explain why they chose it. As I photographed the scholars walking around, I saw a lot of amazing art work. The scholars were concentrated on their sketches and really took in some of the pieces they saw at the museum. Aside from sketching, the scholars also took pictures of the work exhibited and wrote down some information about the piece to later do some research on the artist. After the scholars completed their assignment at the museum, they gathered around in the lobby and just spoke a little bit about their visit. They had a really nice conversation about the work they saw and some mentioned that the work they say inspired them to create. Across the street from the museum was a beautiful spot named The Conservatory Garden. This garden is the prettiest I’ve seen. Everything was so clean and colorful. The scholars were so happy to see this garden and it completed the field trip. It was such a calm and relaxing way to end a Saturday. I took a group picture of the scholars with the advocates and they were so cute. Overall, the field trip was time well spent and a lot was learned in one Saturday.