February 25, 2017


Sophomores took a trip to the Bronx to hit two different spots! They were able to do two studio visits, AAA3A and The Bronx Art Space. AAA3A, is an alternative art space in the South Bronx, by artist Blanka Amezkua. 


Scholars and their advocates and mentors walked one block to The Bronx Art Space to see the current exhibition: BLACK FOLK presents:Reclaimed Rage; Resistance. Students learned about the alternative art spaces that exist for artists outside of the mainstream art world of Manhattan, and how they were created and are currently sustained. 




What an exciting day for the juniors! Today we were lucky enough to find ourselves on 125th street in Harlem. The scholars were able to see an exhibition at the studio Museum of Harlem. The exhibition featured Black and African american artists. There was a wide variety of artwork from multimedia, photography, sculpture, and paintings. So many of the pieces were strong and evoked much emotion, especially the photos that were taken during a protest.

After going through the gallery, we gathered at the front of the building and proceeded to our next destination. We were able to sit in on a printing demonstration done by her mentor Ezekiel.


Ezekiel shared a studio with a man named Julio and various other artists whose work were displayed throughout the space. We later learned the print that Ezekiel was pulling was actually a drawing that Yelaine made from the inspiration from her sculpture. After pulling the print, the scholars were given the chance to ask Ezekiel questions about the process and his work which consisted of prints and ceramic sculptures. All in all its was a fun learning filled day.

– Ashlie B.


This past Saturday, the scholars had the opportunity to prepare to interview and be apart of a workshop by Shama Rahman. Rahman is a marketing specialist who works at the Whitney Museum who previously worked at the Guggenheim Museum and Museum of Modern Art. Before Rahman came, the scholars did extensive research on Rahman to prepare questions and be prepared for follow up questions to Rahman’s presentation. Scholars, Kadeem and Weynde also prepared to document the workshop. After a warm introduction, Rahman gave a workshop on pitching creative plans, writing project statements and marketing to help the scholars with their residencies. And Shama participated very happily in a photoshoot with Ashley, Richard, Kadeem, Sari and Vanessa.

– Allison E