February 18, 2017


Sophomore scholars visited an exhibition at Parsons School of Design, State of Exception/Estado de Excepción.

They then walked up to the Fashion Institute of Technology where they viewed the exhibition, Black Fashion Designers.


Today, the juniors were Brooklyn bound! They were in for quite a treat.

Yelaine and Nick led the way as we walked up a warehouse-like apartment. We were greeted with the scent of fresh flowers. Yelaine’s friend Fabiola Jean- Louis invited us to come see her fabulous studio. Fabiola is an up and coming artist and photographer that has been working the circuit for a while.

Her work consists of creating unbelievable dresses that are inspired by 17th- 18th century dresses and famous paintings based on those times specifically Marie Antoinette. The juniors were particularly interested in her work and were even fortunate enough to get a sneak peek of her new piece that she was working on. Fabiola was gracious enough to give us a tour and explanations of her process along with some much appreciated advice.The juniors were encouraged to ask questions and inquired about Fabiola’s work and life.

We all closed out the day with a huge group photo. . . Say cheese !



This week, the Senior Scholars had the great opportunity to learn about music in a workshop held Max, founder and director of the non-profit organization Sonic Arts for All (SAFA!), and DJ.


The scholars had the great opportunity to get a brief but full lesson of different forms of music, sound, sound art and music history. One important lesson that was taught was the difference between music and sound art, which was shown through different music videos and films. Afterward, the scholars were shown different examples of creating music with tools such as auto tone and synthesizers while learning about sampling and sound design and performance.


Soon after the scholars, paired in teams, were able to create their own records to be used for the POWRPLNT exhibition and share their demos with the class! It led to much appreciation and even a dance by Kadeem in the middle of the classroom.

You can listen to the scholars’ work from the day here.