Design & Human Experience with Ari Melenciano

In foundation drawing and design classes sophomore scholars began putting the finishing touches on their artwork in preparation for Open Studios next week. In the afternoon, Brooklyn based interdisciplinary artist, Ari Melenciano, whose work centers the relationship between design and human experience visited the sophomores and presented her work. Scholars prepared questions for the artist in response to their work and took notes on how the presentation was structured as they prepared to give their own artist talk at the Parent Presentation after Open Studios.

The scholars were really engaged in the many projects and passions Ari developed within the world of art and design. After hearing that she was a Graduate from NYU, they had many questions about how the artist maintained a balance between art, life, and work. They asked meaningful questions about how it felt to have so much of her personal identity weaved into her creations. Ari showed them how she centers her identity and experiences as a black woman into all of her passions while still keeping her artwork and her job separate because that’s what feels right for her. Scholars recognized images of Angela Davis and James Baldwin from their first trip to the Brooklyn Museum and were excited to make the connection.

After Ari’s presentation, scholars prepared a presentation of their first semester portfolio to share with their parents at the upcoming Parent Presentation event.

April 6, 2019