Black Panther & Black, Brown and Asian Solidarity: April 21, 2018

The Senior Scholars spent the first part of their day working on their banners, preparing for their Capstone demonstration. Now that they’ve printed their unique patterns on the fabrics designed after their research in Chinatown, they’re applying text based on their interviews, to create banners that speak to anti-gentrification in Chinatown and Black, Brown and Asian solidarity. The Seniors wrapped up Capstone this week with a visit to Roosevelt Park to scope out exact locations for their Capstone demonstration and art installation.

The Junior Scholars took a trip to the movie theater to watch Black Panther. This was the first time viewing the film for the majority of the scholars, and it was an experience best shared with trusted friends and peers. They spent the rest of the day in SAT Prep class, getting ready for their first official test on Tuesday!