Whitney Museum

*This post was written by New Sophomore Scholar Amy G., Class of 2013*
New Scholars Adventures
On February 12th, Shola’s group of Scholars went on a trip to the Whitney Museum of American Art, located at 945 Madison Avenue. The Whitney is a museum consisting of American art of the early 1900s to the present. Unlike typical skyscrapers in Manhattan that get thinner towards the top, the building’s designer made the building so that it looks like it defies gravity. The top of the building seems much larger than the ground floor. 
The building’s architecture is only a sneak peak of the other artwork inside. Most of the artwork inside is very abstract, having you stand directly in front of the artwork for quite a few minutes to get a real interpretation of what’s in front of you. The artwork is displayed in many different ways as films, light displays, paintings, sculptures, clothing, etc. And all of this filled up just five floors! 
There was one piece that I found very interesting of a women made mostly of jars and she was sitting in a chair, the piece is called The Wait by Edward Kienholz. Other artwork that stuck out were of a boxing ring with shoe imprints inside the ring, a film about a man in the desert, and a light display about the World Trade Center. 
Another cool thing about the Whitney is Edward Hopper! He was a famous painter who’s work is now displayed at the museum; he painted a portrait of Ms. Whitney herself, the creator of the museum.

Needless to say the trip to the Whitney Museum was very exciting and all of the scholars here at Parsons are very appreciative. Throughout the semester we’ll be going to even more cool trips throughout the city, so look out for more!