Understanding the College Application process

On Saturday, December 12 the junior scholars had a workshop given by their coordinator, Nadia Williams, to begin to demystify the many elements of the college application process.

Learning about this process a year in advance will give the Scholars the insight necessary to stay focused and organized when they are seniors.

Above, Scholars discuss the many elements they think make-up the application process while TA’s Yelaine Rodriguez and Luis Baez try to keep-up with their many ideas.
After the group brainstorm, Scholars worked in small groups to place these steps in order to the best of their knowledge.

Above, group #1 thinks they have it down…

Once finished, each group’s order was reviewed by all, clarifying confusing elements of the process while discussing corrections.

Everyone had fun collaborating , and all were eager to learn more about this elaborate process. Congratulations to group #3 (Deana, Saradyn, Nelson and Mei) for creating the most effective application process!