Supplies for Classes for Jes’ and Ananda’s Groups

So, a few things.

1. For each Portfolio Prep class, you will need to fix your work with spray fixative. So everyone doesn’t have to lug a can around, there are two Scholars in each class who will hold onto the can and make it available for you to use. Before you leave school everyday, you should find one of these folks and spray down your work so it doesn’t get all smudged!

For Charlotte’s Class: Bijay and Rebecca
For Dean’s Class: Nicole and Dytique
For Ken’s Class: Earlene and

2. Some classes will be using black and white acrylic and gesso. In the office, in the room Tanya’s usually in, there will be a box with black and white acrylic and gesso as well as containers and palette knives. Go ahead and scoop out as much as you need; that way there’s always paint here for you. If your teacher requires additional specific colors, please email Tanya at as soon as you know so she can have them ready for you!

Hope classes are going wonderfully!