Sophomores’ first day!

The first week back in the spring semester as a mentor I was assigned to work with the sophomores, who are new to the Parsons Scholars Program. I was excited to work with fresh faces since my face was fresh to them as well. At this rate,  everybody can feel more comfortable around each other and be on the same page.

We took a field trip as a whole group of 24 scholars to visit the Beautiful Americans show at Susan Inglett Gallery to meet with curator William Villalongo. When we first arrived at the gallery the curator immediately told the scholars to look around at the different work and when they were finished, to come back together as a big group and have a discussion about what they got out of the show. I thought this process was a great approach to get the youth to think about the art because none of the work had an artist statement by it, giving the audience room for interpretation. It was a successful first day with the new scholars!

-post by Mary Gordon, 1st year Parsons undergrad

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