Seniors Prep for National Portfolio Day: Saturday October 14, 2017

After a day off last week for the holidays, the seniors were back on their game with preparing themselves for the future. The class started off with the Advocates asking the group if they have started or completed their financial aid applications, college application, and college essays. Most of the class stated that they have completed their applications for FAFSA.

We had a special guest in class, Stephanie Burrell, who graduated from Parsons and introduced us to the how to’s in graphic design. She explained the importance of choosing specific typefaces and color palette, as each decision can affect the outlook of what you are trying to express. With the knowledge she shared with us, we split up into 4 groups as part of a workshop to develop a brand identity and purpose. My group developed the idea to create a gallery space where all people are welcomed. We decided on this topic due in part that the majority of what is represented at galleries are usually white people with money. We wanted a space specifically for PoC are welcomed to show work, similar to (under)REPRESENTED(ed).

For the last hour, the seniors started to prepare their work to show to the class in anticipation to National Portfolio Day, which was soon. Students displayed both physical and digital work, all of which was critiqued by the group. The afternoon ended with a discussion around plans how they can produce and finish artwork  while preparing for National Portfolio Day.