Scholar’s Responses to Chelsea Galleries Visit

The best part of the trip was when we went to Jonathan Levine Gallery to look at Natalia Fabias’ work, which was awesome.  I mean amazing.  Her works were very inspiring.  I wish to become a painter like her.  Her paintings are so good they look like they’re photographs.  The stuff she paints is so realistic with  some glitter and rainbows.  She loves using lots of color which I love.  She reminds me of me because I also love fashion and the life she describes in her paintings.  I like to draw what I see mostly from a picture.  She inspires me to learn how to paint and become a pro.  In her paintings, the women are full of beauty.  I’m a person who likes the finer things on earth, and luxurious, pretty shiny things.  I also like places like art galleries.  I like that glamorous acts of womanhood that are often kept secret from the world of men.  I love to put on makeup since I was little.  It makes me feel like a woman and that feeling of sexiness when putting on a red lipstick.  I love to learn about different things, places and culture and things related to fashion.  So I’m always looking at foreign fashion magazines.  Fashion isn’t the only thing I like.  I also love music that I have listened to in different languages.  I am obsessed with my camera.  I love taking pictures, not just of people but also of pretty views.  I like all seasons except summer- it’s too hot.  I mostly like to take pictures of the snow and rain.  I felt great after going to a gallery like that.  I’m planning on going back to the place on the weekend or on school breaks.  After going to the gallery, it made me think about what I could do and use those ideas around me in my artwork.  Natalia Fabia has become my favorite artist after looking at her work. —Mehraz Sultana

My favorite part of going to the galleries was seeing all the different possibilities of art and how many things you can do with color.  Something important I saw was painting water and how cool it looked.— Eilyn Gutierrez
What did I think of the art galleries?  I liked them, I guess.  It just made me think about the intentions of some artists.  Like, were their intentions just to make money, or just to make something that’s cool to look at, or were the intentions to send a message of some sort to society?  It makes me think about what my intentions and motives are to pursue art. — Destinee A. Calderon
In my opinion the galleries that we visited were really great.  I found it really useful and helpful.  By getting into Parsons and by visiting the galleries with the people that have the same purpose such as to learn more about art history and taste was a really great experience! — Marya Trukhan
The trip was amazing!  As a class we went to see five different types of galleries.  The paintings at those galleries were stunning.  The details on the clothing and on the faces were incredibly well done.  I was questioning myself.  How did these artists get so good at painting?  And what did it take for them to get to be so popular?  I wish that when I grow up I get to exceed in the way I draw and paint.  These people inspire me to get better so that I could surpass them one day. — Saul Jean Charles
Damien Hirst:  The Complete Spot Paintings:  These paintings are typical of modern art in that I was thrown completely off balance.  But even though I can’t admit that I understood it, I did appreciate it.  I recently found out in painting class how much I love color, so I can relate to that.  Damien Hirst must have an extensive knowledge of color.
Simone Leigh:  You Don’t Know Where Her Mouth Has Been:  I found this exhibition to be a little unsettling, but I think maybe that was her point.  Guessing from the title of the exhibition and the pieces I would say that she focuses on the hardships of women, specifically aboriginal or tribal women.  I thought it was very interesting.
Natalia Fabia:  Punk Rock Rainbow Sparkle:  I liked Natalia Fabia’s paintings a lot.  They were so masterfully done and the subjects were part of the punk rock scene, which is as much a part of our culture as anything else. —-Dana Chaudhury