Open Studios, Financial Aid, and Powrplnt | April 15, 2017

Open Studios

During Open Studios students were given the chance to showcase their work in the classrooms to family, staff and other visitors. They had the opportunity to speak to others about their work and describe their processes and thinking behind the creation of their work. Afterwards, students took turns presenting their learning portfolios to their peers and some family that was present. They each took the mic and scrolled us through their Tumblr pages, describing every picture and note made throughout the semester. This gave them an opportunity to practice public speaking and to articulate the work they did in the semester, as well as the field trips and experiences we had throughout the semester.

HEOP/Financial Aid Workshop

Advocates spent the afternoon introducing some key terms and concepts the scholars should expect as they entered senior year and the college application process. We discussed HEOP and how it changes from school to school, the benefits of staying in state to attend school, and stressed that financial aid could make any school affordable for any student depending on how they grant aid.

This seemed to stress some scholars out but also made some scholars more excited about achieving their goals.


PowrPlnt Installation Day

Scholars, faculty, mentors, and advocates travelled to PowrPlnt, a digital art collaboratory space where their residency was held. Scholars worked together to plan the installation of the artwork, coming together to curate the space in a meaningful way.