Go Pro Day

November 11, 2012
In preparation for National Portfolio Day, the Scholars brought in their portfolios full of amazing work done in the program, in school and on their own.  We critiqued everyone’s work, and talked about how to prepare for Portfolio reviews when applying to college.

Go-Pro day was a day when we critiqued everyone’s work and prepared for National Portfolio day. Part of the critiques were: how to take better care of your work, how to present your work and yourself, etc. Even though everybody took turns critiquing everybody else, everyone noticed everyone’s talents. Being able to critique the work of my peers and have my work being critiqued gave me a chance to realize
that not everybody sees your work like you do. Something in your work might attract to you, but not attract somebody else. Participating in this workshop taught me a lot, not only about art, but about life too. When it was my turn to present my portfolio, I realized how important it was to organize my work and preserve it. It taught me how to love my work, even if I didn’t like it, because others might.—-Eilyn Gutierrez