First work day at Brookdale hospital!

Jaime’s illustration class has been given the great opportunity to create several murals for the Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn, NY.
Our first steps took place in Parsons where the class created their sketches and later painted them. (Look for the images under the “Brookdale hospital mural project” link).
After visiting the hospital for the first time and returning this past weekend, we had a better sense of how much work was to be placed onto the murals. Most importantly, we realized how much this meant for the patients who watched the whole day as the students sketched their concepts onto the walls.

The waiting room section of the project (below)
Andrea working on the first wall families will see when they enter the waiting room.
Roza and Yang discussing their Fall themed wall.
Genesis and Guillermo in the waiting room working on their Summer themed mural.

The Hallway section of the project (below)

We’ve got the whole hallway at the pediatrics center!!! There’s a lot of work ahead!
Dudley working on his basketball themed wall.
Dytique also working on his basketball themed wall.
Dane drawing with his partner, Francisco.

Francisco incorporating the fountain into the mural.
Alexandria going over the painting sketch made earlier in the semester with her partner, Bijay.

Alexis and Nicole working on their wall.
Nicole working on her details

Brought to us by Peter and Chris, the students in Jaime Arredondo’s illustration class take a well deserved break from working on their walls.

After lunch…
The class visits each others walls throughout the pediatrics center.