First Day of Academy!

The day’s goal for the advocates was to prepare scholars to work with Karla on their college entrance essays. They wanted for those that had something written down already to refine it as much as they could. For those who merely had ideas, they were asked to simply get the first draft ready. Even if what they wrote was just brainstorming and thoughts about them and their life experiences. The advocates did their best to ensure that all of the scholars had something written down so that when Karla arrived, she could better serve them in growing and completing their essays. Karla arrived and, after some warm-up exercises/icebreakers, split up the scholars based on how comfortable they were with where their respective papers were going. She then went around the room, talking to each student for a bit to help push them in the direction they needed to go. Before wrap up, the advocates then went over some basics of operating emails before then asking the scholars to email what they had for their essays at that point.