Cypher Sessions, October 3


Youth Advocate, Ladin Awad explains the group exercise for the day, a Cypher session


Group 3 discussing the theme of their “bars”


Ideas and verses the groups put together to get their “bars” on point


Finished “hotfire bars” ready to be performed

On Saturday, Scholars and Mentors gathered for a group exercise that used creative writing, group thinking and “hot fire emoji” lyrics for a socially aware rap cypher.  Youth Advocate, Ladin Awad, led the exercise explaining the history of cyphers and battle rapping with the theme of social awareness.  The Scholars along with the Mentors were split into groups to create “bars” that focused on problems and issues that they could relate too.  The groups then performed their written rhymes to the rest of the class, after discussed what they learned and how they felt their rhymes reflected the problems they have faced in their own lives.