Artists Visit Juniors and Seniors College Zines | April 01, 2017


Today was meant to introduce scholars to more graphic and illustration artists as per their interests. Sharon Lee is a graffiti artist turned branding and graphic designer that uses her New York Graffiti aesthetic in her commissions.Scholars loved meeting a woman artist who is close in age and successful both in the underground arts scene as well as professionally. Anthony Louis Jeune is the creator, author, and illustrator of the first ever Haitian superhero – which strengthens the idea that scholars should be proud of their identities and be willing to break barriers to tell their stories.




Through the zine making, students were asked to spend some time researching different art schools assigned to them in pairs and to find relevant and important information on each of those schools in order to inform the zines. They learned about navigating a school’s website and learned how to “read between the lines” as they encountered information regarding admissions, campus life and financial aid. Students learned how zines could be used as a method for translating important, brief, information in an effective and direct way for a specific audience. They were able to dig a little deeper into college research and start thinking about their options for the future. Comparisons between public and private education were made, and pros and cons were evaluated by them during their research.