Artist: Hank Willis Thomas

Yashua and Shola’s Scholars welcomed Hank Willis Thomas to their Saturday Program March 5th.
Laniqua Sprull said, “While viewing the artitst’s work many of us took on the analyzation that his work was based on racism. Listening to the feedback of the work made us finally understand the purpose of finally telling what the titles actually meant.”
Leonard Cintron said, “Hank Willis Thomas let the viewers know that just about anything can be racist and most things in the present have something to do with the past.”
Other Scholars commented on Hank Willis Thomas’ work.
Roxana Sana said, “I liked the way the same person is looked upon differently depending on what they wore.”
Raquel Castillo said, “The way you dress yourself can determing the way people think of you when they first meet you which can be something good or bad for you.”
Ashlie Juanita Baptiste said, “I loved the way he incorporated himself in most of his pieces. It shows that he is a part of the experience.”