Diller, Scofidio and Renfro

We went to the incredible architecture firm, Diller, Scofidio and Renfro where Junior Architect Kumar Atre showed us the legacy of the firm’s work, and discussed what it’s like to work for a company like this.  Then, Jac Mautner gave us a tour of the model shop, and a tour of one of the firm’s flagship projects- the Highline!

The Highline has been a spot of great
historical importance and artistic inspiration for some of us Scholars. However
to meet the architecture firm that designed and oversaw the construction of
this marvelous landmark is priceless.

in the melting pot of Chelsea, the firm’s offices were aligned desks with cluttered
papers of plans and ideas.  Beautifully
made models were scattered throughout the room. There we met a junior architect
and the workshop manager.   They gave us
a simple history of their firm’s past projects; the reconstruction of the Lincoln
Center and the designing of Julliard’s music building. Their style was obvious
and elegant.   Julliard’s newly constructed building was
sophisticated in its glass structure and modern interior design. The rooms were
made to embrace the art of the musicians and the musicians themselves.  Their plan of their unfulfilled public park
demonstrated their understanding of space and respect of the environment. This
is greatly demonstrated all along the Highline, crowded with plants and

After the intro, they gave is a tour.
First we closely examined their wondrous craftsmanship in making extremely detailed
and accurate models. Then they showed us their workshop. The walls were crowded
with tools and materials.  Tables with
“models in the making” and materials seemed to almost overflow the tabletops.   At the
end of the day, we found ourselves once again on the Highline and saw it with
new eyes.   —-Abigail Carrillo