Kevon Nicholas


I knew coming from a low income family, and living in a low income neighborhood in Brooklyn, that there would not be a great deal of access to the arts. Art was not something that was regularly funded as it was treated as a non-essential subject.  Lucky the Parsons scholars would change all of that. As a scholar i was able to take various design classes such as painting and graphic design, as well as travel to Manhattan and visit museums such as the MET and the MOMA, where I saw great works throughout art history for the first time.  Seeing the works of individuals such as Picasso and Matisse changed art from being a hobby,  to a actual career worth pursuing.  After high school I decided to attend Parsons,  I was able to meet other artists and attend various art galleries. Recently, I studied abroad in London being exposed to a different culture as well as being exposed to the art scene in the city. There I was exposed to the large number of free and varied galleries.  While in London I had my first group show.  My involvement in the show included promotion through social media, creating flyers, as well booking and paying for the space. While I didn’t sell any work, taught me about the relationship between an artist and the gallery and how to plan and prepare for a show. Currently I am a senior with plans to work in a art related field when I graduate, and I’ve decided to work as a Parsons scholar mentor. I’ve  want to work as a scholar because I want help those who have a love of art but are unsure want if its is something that they can purse in the future, similar to how I was when I first started the scholars program.