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Whitney Museum

*This post was written by New Sophomore Scholar Amy G., Class of 2013* New Scholars Adventures On February 12th, Shola’s group of Scholars went on a trip to the Whitney Museum of American Art, located at 945 Madison Avenue. The Whitney is a museum consisting of American art of the early…

Create Your Own: SHIRT

The Senior Scholars have felt the commitment of marriage – wedded to the Senior Project and bound to create within the limitations of the project. Their coordinators, Nadia and Ananda, created a workshop that allowed seniors to release their creativity outside of class, allowing their imagination to run wild by…

Senior Project

We’ve recently passed the third week into the Senior Project and for those of you not involved, here’s an update! On February 5th, the Seniors were introduced to a Collaboration Project with the Department of Education. The project entitles the seniors along with their instructor, Gigi Polo, to assist the…

Congrats Paris Winners!!

On Saturday of February 19th, the last of our Paris Winners were announced! The week before the nineteenth three Senior Scholars were chosen for the lucky opportunity to goto Parsons in Paris!

New Scholar Awards!

Three of our wonderful senior scholars, Camille Labarre, Sasha Smith and Katie (Kumlyun) Son have been honored this week with some great awards! Camille had her portfolio featured as Shown’d Artist of the Week!Congrats, Camille!Check out her work here. Sasha is the recipient of a regional Gold Key Scholastic Art…

Super Sabado!

On Saturday February 19th, the senior Scholars braved the cold to join in the festivities uptown at El Museo del Barrio. Dedicated to Latino art, El Museo hosts a monthly event, Super Sabado, which celebrated the upcoming carnaval with concerts and workshops, free to the public. After contemplating the meaning…

First Day Back

We kicked off the new semester of the Academy with so many exciting things! New sophomore Scholars, the last semester for senior Scholars, a new senior project, and the winners of the big trip to Paris! Looks like its going to be a great spring! Above, Associate Dean Anne Gaines…

2nd Annual Parsons Scholars Reunion

We celebrated the semesters end with the 2nd Annual Parsons Scholars Reunion. Alumni, Current scholars, Coordinators and Mentors celebrated their achievements and hard work during the past year.

Documenting Portfolio Work

National Portfolio Day

Scholars headed up to Lehman College in the Bronx for National Portfolio Day on Saturday November 20, spending the day visiting representatives from the colleges they’re interested in. The seniors received great feedback from Admissions reps, allowing them to improve their portfolios before submitting officially over the next few months….

Gearing up for National Portfolio Day!

After Saturday morning’s class, Seniors in the Parsons Scholars program gathered all of their artwork to review in groups with their Coordinator, College Mentors and peers. Each student gained important feedback regarding what and how to present during a portfolio review at the upcoming National Portfolio Day. The verdict is…

SVA Tour

On Election Day, Parsons Scholar Seniors toured the School of Visual Arts’ facilities. Students learned about SVA programs and application requirements and were able to speak to current undergrad students about their experiences. All very important information to bring the application process to life!

Cooper Hewitt Teen Design Fair

On October 12th, the scholars attended the Cooper Hewitt Teen Design Fair, which gives high schools students the opportunity to meet and speak with professional artists and designers from around the world. This year was extra special… not only were there more artists than ever before but they catered the…

College Essay Workshop 2

The Scholars continued with part 2 of the College Essay Workshop conducted by Jesse Day on Saturday October 23. The class critiqued sample essays to hone their constructive feedback skills. Scholars worked in groups sharing their individual personal statements led by mentors and coordinators. Students used constructive feedback to improve…

College Application Organizer

Seniors worked in groups to research the application processes of given Universities and colleges. Seniors researched deadlines, supplemental requirements, essays topics and portfolio requirements from schools such as Parsons, Pratt, F.I.T., and so on before presenting to the entire group.

Ananda’s Application Workshop

Anada’s group and mentors got the an awesome application workshop rolling with an exciting matching game. In the end, we all won! 🙂

College Essay Workshop 1

The first of a two week workshop for Seniors on effective college essay writing. Conducted by Jesse Day, a Parsons faculty for The Writing Center and Critical Reading & Writing class, the workshop focused on captivating the reader with interesting introduction sentences, HOOKs, and analyzing different strategies in writing personal…

Save The Date!

2010 Parsons Scholars Graduation Wednesday, 8.4.2010 Theresa Lang Student Center 55 West 13th Street, 2nd Floor See you there!

Painting Process at the Hospital

Open studios

First thing visitors saw when they came into the room during open studio…The next room had the sketches done by the students and a wall with photos which documented each student’s progress.

Back to Brookdale!

Returning to Brookdale hospital this past Saturday, the class sketched their new concepts onto their walls and some even began to paint them! More patients and parents stood in the hallway and watched as everyone worked on their walls. One particular parent stopped by each mural and said “You guys…

Brookdale changes

After reviewing the work/sketches done for the walls at Brookdale, some issues arose but the class was able to “go back to the drawing board” to create original and unique illustrations. We spent a day back at Parsons and turned out some new and even better resolutions for our concepts….

Global Kids Annual Youth Conference on Children’s Rights

On Friday, April 9, 2010 Parsons Scholar Jessy Jo Gomez (below, center) was one of three student leaders to emcee the Global Kids’ 21st Annual Youth Conference, entitled “Got To Have My Rights”. The youth-organized event brought together over 500 diverse youth from over 50 high schools across NYC to…

First work day at Brookdale hospital!

Jaime’s illustration class has been given the great opportunity to create several murals for the Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn, NY.Our first steps took place in Parsons where the class created their sketches and later painted them. (Look for the images under the “Brookdale hospital mural project” link).After visiting the hospital…

Pulse Contemporary Art Fair

On Sunday, March 7th, Parsons Scholars enthusiastically joined artists, art dealers, and collectors from all over the world at the Pulse Contemporary Art Fair. After meeting at Parsons, the Scholars, Ananda, and Joelle ventured downtown to West Houston to spend a couple hours exploring a multitude of exhibitions at the…

Saturday Academy Classes

Each Saturday morning, Parsons Scholars join students from the greater NYC area for art and design classes in their areas of interest as students in the Pre-College Academy program. Here, students work on this week’s task in their Graphic Design class taught by graphic designer/artist/Parsons adjunct professor Steven Kennedy. This…

Mural(S) project at Brookdale Hospital!

The Sr. Illustration students in Jaime Arredondo’s class on their way to Brookdale Hospital. FYI: VERY long trip. Preparing for our tour of the hallways we’ll be working on. Measuring out one of the SEVERAL walls we’ll try to have done for the pediatric center at Brookdale Hospital.

Getting ready for SAT Prep

On Saturday Febrary 27, after their morning art/design class, Parsons Scholars Juniors prepared for their upcoming 8-week SAT prep course with a diagnostic test.The course will be given by A-List, which was founded in 2005 by Ivy League graduates who believe in establishing a unique brand of teaching through dynamic…

College Visit: Fashion Institute of Technology

On Wed. February 17, Ananda and Nadia took Junior Scholars on a college visit to F.I.T. in Manhattan. The day began with an information session, continued with a self-guided tour of on-campus resources, and concluded with a tour of on-campus housing. Two main observations made by students: 1. F.I.T. offers…

Fashion Workshops

With the help of Timo Rissanen of the Fashion faculty at Parsons, Parsons Pre-College scholars work together to re-design damaged children’s wear for the purpose of donating the clothing to the Family Justice Center in Brooklyn! For more info, take a look at the Fashion Department’s blog.