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  • Careers in the Arts 2016

    Careers in the Arts 2016

    Our Mission: The Careers in the Arts Fair aims to expose educational and professional opportunities within the visual arts and design to high school students. We aim to provide access to professionals in different points of their careers who can share insight on their success while being sensitive to challenges...Read More »
  • Sophomore Workshops

    Sophomore Workshops

    We welcomed our fresh bunch of talented sophomores this Spring to The New School! For the past few weeks, the Scholars have in engaged in trips to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Studio Museum in Harlem. During afternoon workshops, they’ve mastered the use of Tumblr to start  documenting their work...Read More »
  • First Day of Spring Academy! Ice Breaker at Lunch!

    First Day of Spring Academy! Ice Breaker at Lunch!

    On Saturday January 30th, Scholars, Mentors, and Youth Advocates gathered together for an Ice Breaker check-in where they stood in a circle and said one word that described how they were feeling. For the next ice break activity they split up into groups so that the mentors and scholars could get...Read More »
  • Sophomore Trip to Studio Museum of Harlem

    Sophomore Trip to Studio Museum of Harlem

    On their first day of the Parsons Scholars Program, sophomore scholars take a field trip to the Studio Museum of Harlem with their advocates Yashua and Havanna to look at the current exhibitions.Read More »
  • Ice Breaker, October 24

    Ice Breaker, October 24

              On Saturday, Scholars, Mentors, and Youth Advocates gathered together for an Ice Breaker that was sort of a sequel to several Saturdays ago’s Cypher Sessions with Youth Advocate Ladin.  Youth Advocate Nick, started off with two games, Rock, Paper, Scissors and Truth or False.  The...Read More »
  • Portfolio Redefined 2015, October 10

    Portfolio Redefined 2015, October 10

    On Saturday, October 10, 2015 the Parsons Scholars Senior group along with other New York City senior high school students attended Portfolio Redefined Workshop held by Joan Mitchell Foundation and the Parsons Scholars Program. Portfolio Redefined is a workshop for all aspiring students who are preparing an art and design...Read More »
  • Cypher Sessions, October 3

    Cypher Sessions, October 3

    On Saturday, Scholars and Mentors gathered for a group exercise that used creative writing, group thinking and “hot fire emoji” lyrics for a socially aware rap cypher.  Youth Advocate, Ladin Awad, led the exercise explaining the history of cyphers and battle rapping with the theme of social awareness.  The Scholars...Read More »
  • Sable Smith’s Digital Photography Class

    My name is Alex Fields and I am a mentor for the Parsons Pre-College Program. As part of my job with the program, I am also a Teacher’s Assistant. I am currently an assistant for the photography class which is taught by professor and our program Youth Advocate, Sable Elyse...Read More »
  • Senior capstone progress!

    Senior capstone progress!

    On the second class of our Seniors’ capstone project, the instructor Ben Rojas introduced the social justice subject the scholars will be tackling. The scholars were presented with images addressing  the Trayvon Martin case of 2012, and were asked to analyze them and come up with their own ideas. Paired...Read More »
  • Sophomores’ first day!

    Sophomores’ first day!

    The first week back in the spring semester as a mentor I was assigned to work with the sophomores, who are new to the Parsons Scholars Program. I was excited to work with fresh faces since my face was fresh to them as well. At this rate,  everybody can feel...Read More »
  • College Workshop with the Juniors

    College Workshop with the Juniors

    On November 9th, Nadia led the junior scholars in a college research work-shop to start prepping them early on the college research process. The scholars were asked about how much they knew already about the different college-related terminology.  We had them place orange stickers next to different terms on a...Read More »
  • Parsons Scholars at Festival!

    Parsons Scholars at Festival!

    Join us Saturday, May 18th from 4pm-7pm for a stunning exhibition of art and design projects by the Parsons Scholars! The afternoon will begin with our  seniors presenting their learning portfolios, in which they’ll reflect on their lessons learned throughout the past 3 years.  Presentations will be followed by a...Read More »
  • Open Studio and Parsons Paris Scholarship Recipients

    Open Studio and Parsons Paris Scholarship Recipients

    On April 27th, the scholars had their annual Open Studio event where they showcase their work from the semester for their family, friends and other scholars. The scholars and their guests were able to enjoy works from various classes such as 3D, Architecture, Digital Photography, Fashion, Painting and more ....Read More »
  • New Sophomore Orientation and Sheila Johnson Gallery Visit

    New Sophomore Orientation and Sheila Johnson Gallery Visit

    On February 16th, we welcomed our new sophomores into the Parsons Scholars Program by giving them the run-down of the program through the Pre-College orientation. After class, we took the scholars on the first of many gallery visits to the Sheila Johnson Gallery in Chelsea, which always showcases a wide...Read More »
  • Senior Scholars Go to Staten Island!

    Senior Scholars Go to Staten Island!

    This Saturday, the Seniors, mentors Joelle and Richard, faculty Rachel, and MFA DT student volunteer Bridget traveled to Staten Island to conduct interviews for Sandy Storyline. We traveled around one area of Staten Island, near the beach where residents were hit quite hard by the storm. We visited various hubs...Read More »
  • Senior Project with Sandy Storyline

    Senior Project with Sandy Storyline

    Each spring, the Parsons Scholars seniors participate in a collaborative semester-long course in which they gain hands-on art and design skills while applying their lessons to meaningful projects that create a positive community impact.  This year, they’re collaborating with Sandy Storyline, which is a participatory documentary about Hurricane Sandy and efforts to recover and...Read More »
  • Welcome New Scholars and Happy First Day!

    Welcome New Scholars and Happy First Day!

    At the orientation for the new scholars, we welcomed them into the program with introductions of ourselves and the program and with a series of really fun icebreakers facilitated by our new Advocate, Peta. We got to know the new scholars through these icebreakers. We, the mentors, then broke into...Read More »
  • Juniors on National Portfolio Day

    On NPD I showed my portfolio to several art and design colleges and got much feedback. My portfolio consisted of several illustrated pieces and much more mixed media art work like print-making and charcoal self portraits. The first school I went to was Pratt. They told me I should work...Read More »
  • Senior Portfolio Workshop

    Senior Portfolio Workshop

    On Saturday the Seniors had a portfolio workshop and set up the lights and cameras to photograph their great work. The Scholars published their photos on an online portfolio, so watch out for their work!      Read More »
  • Go Pro Day

    Go Pro Day

    November 11, 2012 In preparation for National Portfolio Day, the Scholars brought in their portfolios full of amazing work done in the program, in school and on their own.  We critiqued everyone’s work, and talked about how to prepare for Portfolio reviews when applying to college. Go-Pro day was a...Read More »
  • College Vocabulary Workshop

    College Vocabulary Workshop

    On October 6th, 2012, Parsons Scholars’ students went to a college vocab workshop. In the beginning of the workshop, we made a list on our needs and wants for colleges/ universities. Many of us, did not now some of the college words/ terms such as the SEEK program, HEOP, EOP,...Read More »
  • INFO SESSIONS— update!

    The Parsons Scholars Program application deadline has been updated to: Sunday, November 25th (end of the day) For all 10th graders interested in applying to the Parsons Scholars Program, join us for an upcoming Info Session.   For eligibility and application requirements, see our previous post below.  PARSONS SCHOLARS PROGRAM...Read More »
  • Diller, Scofidio and Renfro

    We went to the incredible architecture firm, Diller, Scofidio and Renfro where Junior Architect Kumar Atre showed us the legacy of the firm’s work, and discussed what it’s like to work for a company like this.  Then, Jac Mautner gave us a tour of the model shop, and a tour of one of the...Read More »
  • Juniors’ Parent Mixer and Inheritance Process drawing exercise

    Juniors’ Parent Mixer and Inheritance Process drawing exercise

    We started this afternoon by inviting parents and families to join us for lunch and an informal mixer.  Together, we worked on a symbolic self-portrait project and shared it with the group.                 Read More »
  • Digital Literacy Workshop

    Digital Literacy Workshop

    October 13, 2012 This afternoon, we met as a group to discuss the importance of digital literacy.  We talked about how to select a professional email address, opened up Gmail accounts, and learned how to use Google Drive as a collaboration tool.  Then, we spent most of the session learning...Read More »
  • College Preparedness

    College Preparedness

    This past Saturday both the Senior and Junior scholars started preparing for the college application process. The Seniors were introduced to their college mentors, and also started the college research process. By navigating their way through the college websites of their choice, the scholars where able to find out the deadlines for...Read More »
  • Gearing up for a new semester!

    The Mentors are hard at work gearing up for a new exciting semester in the Parsons Scholars Program. We’re all excited to get started next Saturday (Sept. 29), and we have a great team of dedicated undergraduates to support the Scholars with their great ideas, visions and expertise. Thanks to...Read More »
  • Pre-College Summer Academy

    Pre-College Summer Academy

    On Friday, August 10th, Parsons Scholars Program celebrated the accomplishments and lessons learned by the newest class of Scholars.  Before entering their junior year of high school, this dedicated group explored their areas of interest during all-day studio classes for two weeks in August in the Pre-College Summer Academy at...Read More »
  • Summer Academy Survey!

    Juniors: Please take a moment to fill out this survey in order to reflect on your experience during the summer session. Congratulations on completing your first summer program in the Parsons Pre-College Academy!Read More »
  • Scholars Class of 2012

    Scholars Class of 2012

    Last night on August 2, 2012 we celebrated the graduation of 13 Scholars from our program. We had a great time celebrating their hard work, as well as that of Stacy, their devoted and tireless coordinator. They might be leaving the program and we won’t see them every Saturday morning...Read More »

About Parsons Scholars

The Parsons Scholars Program is a three-year college access and preparation program in art and design for NYC public high school students.  During their sophomore through senior year in high school, students from a wide range of high schools dedicate their Saturdays and summers to studying art and design at the college level, exploring a range of art and design careers and acquiring the tools and knowledge necessary to gain admittance to and achieve success at competitive art and design college programs.